Wave New World

On 08/10/2021, the Brussels government gave the green light to an increase in the current wave emission standard to allow the deployment of a new generation of mobile phone standards: la 5G

5G is not an improved 4G, but a different system, which eventually requires the replacement of all connected equipment (antennas, mobile phones, connected devices, etc). One of its particularities will be to operate in a zone of the electromagnetic spectrum that is still unused in consumer networks: that of the very high frequencies called "millimétriques".

In Brussels, as elsewhere in the world, citizens and civic associations had been mobilising for several years to raise awareness of the health risks, environmental impacts (obsolescence of existing equipment, extraction of raw materials, radiation), and on the political and social aspects of 5G (AREHS, Ondes.Brussels, territoire sans 5G, Actrices et Acteurs des Temps Présents, Extinction Rebellion, Alter Numeris…).

In early 2020, a deliberative commission (commission délibérative) was convened, but it could only express its opinion on the 'how' to deploy 5G in Brussels, not on the necessity, the relevance, nor the consequences of implementing 5G.

With the installation "Wave New World/ Le Meilleur des Ondes", we we wish to re-address these issues and to reclaim the electromagnetic spectrum as a common good… We want to give substance to the concerns and aspirations of the people of Brussels and send them over the airwaves using Slow Scan Television (SSTV) technology. What are our concerns but also our aspirations with regard to telecommunications technologies? A radio receiver will try to decode these messages. Listen to some snippets of discussions around the installation.

"Wave New World/ Le Meilleur des Ondes” is an installation developed by Urban Species and ooooo, in collaboration with members of: IEB, Technopolice, Actrices et Acteurs des Temps Présents, Extinction Rebellion, and others…

Bibliography (in French):
Civil society actors mobilised on the issue of airwaves and 5G:
Actrices et Acteurs des Temps Présents
Extinction Rebellion
Collectif Stop 5G
Alter Numeris