Mobility Devices in the city of Brussels

We have observed a lot of mobility devices, especially free-floating ones.


In 2018 and 2019, we have seen a surge in the number of mobility devices on the pietonnier. First we noticed bikes and sometimes monowheel, but soon enough electric scooters and free floating bikes started to appear.
The regulation for car parking evolved slowly to become what is now the norm, delimited area and delimited time compensated by paying a fee in big urban centers.
As scooters and free floating bikes number keeps rising, it will be interesting to see how government will react to the occupation of free space by private company. What's more, it seems that some companies are using free floating as a way to advertise their services. It would be interesting to see how beneficial is Uber new service "JUMP", is it a real business or is it just a way to promote uber taxi services by other means. Knowing that putting posters in the street is regulated and expensive, is it worth adding wheels and a battery to your poster and call it a new mobility service?
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May 2019