Exhibition mobile units for ‘Living Reine’

For their yearly neighbourhood event Living Reine (3.0) -- an event “to create a meeting moment between students, residents and organizations from the neighbourhood” -- the RenovaS Reine antenna team invited the SUCIB team to co-create installations to support their event. On the one hand, they wanted to put the Stadsvernieuwingscontract in the picture (i.e. the projects they are realizing). On the other hand, they wanted to allow the organisations whose projects had been selected to receive participatory budgets in the framework of a “Precarious population” call to both exhibit/showcase the upcoming projects and organize open-air workshops on the square.   

We designed and assembled a series of eight mobile units, which were spread over the square – each unit placed adjacent to the RenovaS infrastructure. The units were rolled out in the morning and back in the evening. We designed the units with user appropriation in mind.  Each unit had a ‘heading’ with chalkboard covering, so each organization could inscribe a title/announcement. All units came with A4 ‘poster holders’ for the main project information and ‘appropriation grids’ that could be adorned with extra information, pictures, etc. All the units were based on the same core structure, which we designed to be extendible with a range of attachments,  allowing individual variations where each unit was adapted for the organizations’ specific purposes: e.g. one held a flatscreen, another afforded audio gear, or a large banner, etc.   

Concept and coordination: Urban Species, asbl RenovaS Reine vzw
Participating organizations: vzw RenovaS Reine asbl, De Kriekelaar vzw, vzw Maison Biloba Huis asbl, vzw EVA bxl asbl, SSQ 1030 asbl

Place of intervention
Place de la Reine, Schaerbeek, Brussels (BE) 

Intervention dates/period