Le bureau de la participation sauvage


On the eve of the elections of May 26th, we have been setting up our new installation: le “bureau de la participation sauvage”, next to the Bourse of Brussels. The installation was made up of two mobile modules and was meant to spark conversations on the elections and on many other ways of participating or contributing to the Society.

The first module is based on a method called “photo solicitation interview” which consists in conducting and stimulating an interview through images. In this module we presented 24 pictures from the pedestrian area in Brussels and asked passers-by if - and how - they thought they were related to the elections. People could pick a card, write on the backside their reasons for choosing it, and cast it in one of the ballot boxes: having to do with the elections, or not having to do with the elections.
They could also fill a blank card in order to add new elements to the database, or to add more general considerations about politics, the elections or political participation.

The second module was about revealing other forms of participation. We invited people to complete a photobooth by explaining to us what were their way of being involved, of participating in the city, we asked them to write it on the “electoral poster” canvas and to take a picture of them with their commitment.